“I personally know just how valuable your program is to players excelling in the batters box.”

Swing Center alum D.C. hit 5 homeruns for us this summer, and my son led the team in doubles and average batting 0.480 over the summer as well. I know all of this wouldn't have happened without the work they put in at the Swing Center and the help you guys provided.

— J.G. (12u Club Team)



C.A. hit one over the fence today in our first game in Rupert! Thank you Tom!

— J.A. (10u parent)


"It makes sense."

I hit a ball over the 380 mark. My swing felt so much better.

N.D. (College player)

"Thanks Tom."

I hit one out my first live at bat of the fall! 

- D.F. (College player)


"Everybody is hitting!”

Our whole lineup hits...that's very unusual, as you know. That is why we win...everybody is hitting! Pretty neat!

— K.C. (12u Club Team)



“His hitting was SO much better!”

I love his swagger he had when he got up to bat! The confidence was awesome! Look forward to getting him back in with you!

— S.G. (HS parent)

I hit an absolute shot today. It was easily the hardest ball I've ever hit. It one hopped left at Mountain Home which is 350.

— E.H. (HS player)


“Just want to thank you for a fun summer.”

J.L. had a blast and I definitely feel he improved. I especially thought he improved with his approach at the plate as the summer progressed. He was making consistent contact toward the end.

— J.L. (10u parent)

“That batting clinic has totally paid off.”

J.R. went from 47mph to 63 this past Saturday. Bobrowski was totally able to fix his swing. 

— R.R. (12u parent)


“Thought you would want to know how the hitting is already improving.”

N.R. and R.C. came home from practice last night very excited. N. hit four over the fence. R. hit one 30 feet over the fence, into the next set of fields. Just to let you know, that's firsts for both boys.

— K.C. (12u parent)

“My 13 year old boy is pounding the ball out on the Legion fields!”

Last home run was over 400 ft! J.B. hasn't got out all year! Thank you for all you did this winter, it's paying off on the diamond!!

— J.B. (Legion coach)