1.  Hitting Success = Hitting the Ball HARD.

MLB Ball Exit Velocity (MPH) Correlation With Result, (8/22/15, source Daren Willman, www.baseballsavant.com)

(Source, Alan Nathan, 2015)

2.  Efficient Swing Mechanics Required

  • Generating the energy to use in the swing
  • Transferring that energy into the baseball at contact
    • Maximizes power
    • Maximizes consistency 
Our hitters see an average increase in Ball Exit Velocity of 5.8 mph using one simple drill.  Each mph of Ball Exit Speed = approx 6 feet of ball flight. You do the math.

3.  Hit ALL Pitches Hard

  • The best hitters can, and DO, hit ALL pitch types (fastballs and off-speed) hard
  • The best hitters can, and DO, hit pitches hard in multiple locations (in, out, up, down)
    • It starts with INTENT
    • Efficient swing mechanics are required
Our hitters learn the most efficient way to hit different pitches in all locations.

You will learn why the best hitters are the best, and how to develop your own efficient swing.