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Developing talent = developing neural circuits.

           Diffusion Spectrum Image of Human Brain

A branch of neurology (the study of the brain) has discovered the best way to acquire, and develop, new skills. 

  1. First, a new electrical circuit has to be made between the brain and the muscles involving the movement.
  2. Second, that new circuit needs to be insulated with a substance called "myelin". 

The more myelin that is wrapped around the "wires" (nerves) of the circuit, the faster the electrical signal will travel along those wires. And the faster the signal travels, the faster, and more fluid, are the movements they control.

For more information about neural circuitry, myelin, and the methods used by international talent hotbeds, read Daniel Coyle's book, "The Talent Code" (2009). We promise you will be amazed!

We help you build the neural circuits needed to improve quickly.

Just how important is developing fast neural circuitry?? See below...

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