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11u Club Team

Our inaugural year-round competitive program for players 11 years of age. Tryouts will be at the end of August, 2017 (specific dates TBA soon). Training will take place throughout the fall and winter with the exception of five weeks around the holidays. We will play area club teams during the fall and spring and will attend one travel tournament in November. We will compete in five tournaments, both local and travel,  beginning in April and continuing through early July.  

Off-Season Swing Training (FALL, WINTER)

Our 4-month training program launches again in October. The program consists of skill development as well as age-appropriate physical training (functional strength, agility, quickness and speed). Each player in the program starts with a baseline 2D video analysis, and will have the following metrics assessed monthly to track progress:

  • Ball Exit Speed
  • Overall Bat Speed
  • Approach Angle
  • Time to Contact
  • Launch Angle
  • Carry distance

Hitting Boot Camp (PERIODIC, for new clients)

These 3-hr camps are designed for players who have not received instruction from us in the past. We present the entire curriculum in four distinct sections. The information in each section is presented to the players thru discussion and video presentation, and then immediately practiced by the players under the supervision of our instructors. They get to "see it" and then immediately "do it" while their visual memory is fresh, helping to make the material, and movement patterns, "stick" more completely. Concepts taught include:

  • Generating energy to be used in the swing thru ground reaction forces & linear momentum
  • Transferring that energy efficiently thru the body and into the ball at contact
  • Using body posture to efficiently achieve a barrel plane that equals pitch plane

Benefits for the player:

  1. They will learn how to hit the ball harder than they ever have.
  2. They will learn how to hit the ball more consistently than they ever have.
  3. They will learn what their actual Ball Exit Speed is, and how to improve it.

** To register, or for more information, simply email us and we'll get you taken care of.

Pre-Season Basic Swing Training (SPRING, 2018)

This 2-month training program begins in mid-January and ends in early March. The program is focused on providing each player the essential aspects of a biomechanically-efficient swing. These principles are the key to hitting the ball harder and with more consistency. Each player in the program starts with a baseline 2D video analysis, and will have the following metrics tracked regularly to assess progress:

  • Ball Exit Speed
  • Bat Speed
  • Approach Angle
  • Time to Contact

Private Team Training (YEAR-ROUND)

We provide customized programs for coaching staffs and their players. Each program is uniquely tailored to the needs of the team. From one-day clinics to a series of sessions, we design a program to fit the team goals. We have a track record of success with numerous tournament and state championships to our credit.

Some feedback we've received from state tournament champions:

"Our team hit so much better this weekend. (Player) had three that bounced off the fence. He has hit good all season, but not great! He stayed connected way better, scooted two inches towards the plate, so he could cover the outside while staying connected, and it worked. We had a grandslam from a kid who had struggled all season. Our kid who leads the team with strike outs was hitting all weekend. Over all it was a big improvement. And I heard parents yelling "stay connected" or "slow and early" and chatter about the phenomenal clinic. Kudos to you. That's exactly what we wanted to happen."

"Thought you would want to know how the hitting is already improving...
(Player 1) and (Player 2) came home from practice last night very excited. (Player 2) hit 4 over the fence. (Player 1) hit one 30 feet over the fence, into the next set of fields. Just to let you know, that's firsts for both boys. (Player 1) had managed to bounce some off the fence, but never hit one over. (Player 2) too. (Player 1) said it felt different...he said he could actually for the first time "feel" what you were describing with the rubber band effect. It's huge for us, and a lot of fun! Thanks Tom."

** Contact us to arrange your team's program.

Idaho Locations

Currently providing instruction in the following areas:  

  • Treasure Valley 
  • Magic Valley 

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