All human movement, including the baseball swing, happens in three dimensions. The only way to measure it all is with 3D analysis.

                             3D Analysis Provided by ZenoLink

                             3D Analysis Provided by ZenoLink

Major Advantages of 3D Analysis:

  1. We know exactly when your body segments fire in the kinetic chain
  2. We know in what sequence your segments are firing
  3. We know exactly how quickly your body segments move

Video (2D) only tells 2/3 of the story and is often misleading when used to study the swing. But with 3D analysis, angles, speeds and distances from any vantage point can be measured and evaluated.

3D data + knowledge of biomechanics = knowing the most efficient way to hit the ball consistently & with power. 

Our 3D analyses are performed by ZenoLink. Chris Welch, biomedical-biomechanical engineer who has authored numerous scientific papers and symposiums on the subject of sports biomechanics and performance analysis, is the brains behind the analyses.

Prior to ZenoLink, Chris was President and CEO of Human Performance Technologies, which pioneered the concept of clinical biomechanics by bringing 3-D motion analysis out of the laboratory and into the arenas of public healthcare, training and coaching. Chris began his career as a researcher with the American Sports Medicine Institute and the Biomotion Foundation.

ZenoLink's proprietary system provides our clients with all the information they need to optimize their swing!!

Swing Analysis: